JoZoara Coffee House hosts 4 CD release parties!

Sep 09, 2011 at 11:24 am by bryan

What started out as a good deed has produced a full-length CD, which is being celebrated at four CD release parties this fall at JoZoara Coffee House in Murfreesboro. Daniel H. Coleman of MasterMix Music is pleased to announce that eleven of the twelve artists voted to be included on Monkeys and Mochas will perform at the parties over the next two months.

On Saturday, Sept. 17, Angie Kelly (“Christians Have Everything”) and Allen Morrell (“Who I Am”) will be the featured artists at 6:00 and 6:40, respectively. Chad Pitman (“Beth”), the third musician invited to perform that evening, is currently giving a year of his life to urban mission work in Denver, Colo. and is not available, so Morrell will be playing two sets.


Lulu Mae (“Anna Susannah”), Roam County Radio—“Fly Me Away (Sparrow’s Waltz)”—and Greater>Than (“Rocking Chair”) will perform at JoZoara on Saturday, Oct. 1. Lulu Mae is a singer/songwriting duo, Roam County Radio is a bluegrass band and Greater>Than is an eclectic inspirational band.

Saturday, Oct. 15, will be the date for Rory T. Miller, Ivan Ayala and Lance Allen to entertain guests at JoZoara. Miller wrote and performed the title track of Monkeys and Mochas. Singer/songwriter Ayala, under the name Rocket Go Boom, contributed “Feeling Alright” and guitarist Allen wrote and performed the laid-back instrumental, “Play It By Ear.”

Daniel Gregory, Lori Grace Adams and First Fruit will round out the series on Saturday, Nov. 5, with “Love Bug,” “Yellow Memories” and “All Hail The Power of Jesus’ Name,” respectively. All performers will play their cut from the CD, plus some familiar oldies and fresh new material for the next CD planned for release in the fall of 2012.

Teresa Harmon and the Grounds Crew will be on hand with their exceptional service and world class food and beverage. In addition, CDs featuring all twelve artists + one bonus track—Ballad of JoZoara, written and performed by producer, Dan Coleman—will be on sale for $12.

These concerts will kick off a new season of the JoZoara Coffee House Sessions. On Saturday, Nov. 19, three new artists will perform. “We are so grateful for Dan’s generosity,” said Teresa Harmon, co-owner of JoZoara, a popular local gathering place for locals and out-of-towners alike. “His idea—a way to increase our visibility by hosting a live recording session right in the shop—has helped in many ways. We’re so proud of the CD and every one of the artists on it.”

Coleman agreed, then added, “And we’re looking for more acoustic musicians to fill the remainder of the fall and spring sessions (running through May), and six Christmas sessions to be held this December.  Please tell folks to get a registration form at JoZoara or call me so I can get them signed up.  Our motive is to promote the local artists and keep acoustic music alive in the ‘Boro.”

For more information, please contact Dan Coleman of  Phone 615-668-6555 or email

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