Rutherford County Democratic Party votes for a PRIMARY in 2012

Sep 11, 2011 at 10:22 am by bryan

The Rutherford County Democratic Party held its Quarterly meeting on Saturday, September 10th, and Executive Committee members voted unanimously to hold a primary vs. a caucus for the upcoming 2012 county elections.

Party Chairman Justin St. Clair said of the vote, “It does not surprise me that our Democrats prefer a primary. Our candidates will be selected in the light of day at the polls, not behind closed doors. The caucus system in this county mainly benefits status quo candidates, robbing the average citizen of their voice in the process.  This system allows a small group of people to determine who everyone else gets to vote for in the general election. By allowing every citizen the opportunity to help choose the candidates for their party, we ensure a more open and honest election, thus engaging more people in the political process.” 


The Primary Democratic election will be held along with the March Presidential election at no cost to the county. The two county offices on the ballot will be County Road Superintendant and Assessor of Property.     


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