Better Odor Control at the Middle Point Landfill in Walter Hill

Jun 03, 2016 at 02:57 pm by bryan

The Middle Point Landfill in Walter Hill has completed nearly $2 million in upgrades. Officials at the site say the upgrades will likely lead to better odor control, which has been an ongoing complaint by nearby neighbors.

These upgrades include the installation of horizontal and vertical landfill gas extraction wells, the expansion of landfill vacuum piping, and enhancements to the misting system that now covers the Landfill property along Landfill Road to the Rutherford County Landfill property boundary.


John Sakmar, General Manager of the Middle Point Landfill wrote in an email, "We purchased a new street sweeper that will be more effective in removing dirt and debris from neighboring roads." Workers are also taking on an expanded litter collection in the area beginning at Highway 231 North to Landfill Road.

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