UPDATE: Mosque Vandals Still Sought

Jul 14, 2017 at 03:39 pm by bryan

The Rutherford County Sheriff's Department investigation into vandalism at the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro continues.

Detective Dan Goodwin tells NewsRadio WGNS their I-T staff has enhanced video from the surveillance video. He says from the enhancement, an image shows a shorter, muscular man who was wearing a spray-paint respirator and a hood.


Goodwin adds the first suspect is wearing what appears to be a tight short-sleeved jumpsuit with a patch on the right shoulder. He has dark athletic shoes with reflective tape on the sides.

The second man, he says, is much taller and very husky. He's wearing a werewolf or other hairy Halloween mask. He has on a T-shirt, long shorts and boots. The T-shirt has a white graphic on right "angel wing" area of the back that looks like it might be a giraffe. The second suspect also has large lower legs.

Goodwin says they're hoping someone may recognize these men from local fitness, MMA or traditional martial arts businesses or gyms.

You'll recall graffiti messages were spray-painted on the mosque and bacon was wrapped around the door handles of the center on Veals Road.

The FBI is also looking into the incident as a hate crime. If you recognize anyone from the photos or have any other information, you're encouraged to call the Rutherford County Sheriff's Department.


Vandals spray painted curse words referring to the Muslim Allah and dropped bacon at the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro overnight Sunday on Veals Road, a Rutherford County Sheriff's supervisor said.

Employees found vandals used green spray paint to deface two walls, a large panel on the east side of the building and concrete on the basketball court, said Detective Sgt. Dan Goodwin. Bacon was placed at the entrance of the school.

Detectives collected evidence while processing the crime scene. They have talked with federal authorities about the crime.

"We are looking for anyone with information about people who may have talked about defiling the mosque," Goodwin said.

People who have any information or neighbors on Veals Lane who may have seen something strange Sunday night or Monday morning are asked to call Goodwin at 615-904-3034.

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