Concussion Specialist at Murfreesboro Medical Clinic Hosts Luncheon with Rutherford County Athletic Training Committee

Jul 26, 2017 at 07:01 pm by bryan

On Thursday, July 21st Dr. Utpal Patel with Murfreesboro Medical Clinic's Internal and Family Medicine department hosted a learning luncheon for the Rutherford County Athletic Trainers. As a physician, Patel specializes in treating athletes who have suffered a concussion and is heavily involved in the local athletic community. During the group's visit, Dr. Patel discussed in detail best practices to improve the overall health of a child who has experienced a concussion. This includes on-field evaluation, return to play, improving communications, and academic accommodations.

"Today's luncheon was another successful collaboration with Rutherford County's excellent and hardworking athletic trainers," Dr. Patel states. "Over the years we have worked closely together and will continue to do so to ensure the best care for our student athletes. I look forward to continuing this important work and building upon it. There is always room for improvement, especially when it comes to communication and collaboration with everyone involved - coaches, educators, and parents."


Athletic trainers came from summer football practice, which kicked off earlier this week. Blackman, Oakland, Riverdale and Smyrna were just a few of the schools that were represented. Brad Rohling, Middle Tennessee Representative from the Tennessee Athletic Trainers' Society and Coordinator of Athletic Training Program for Rutherford County schools, helped to organize this meeting.

"This is a great way to brain storm, while we are all in one room together," shared Rohling. "There was success that came out of last year's meeting, so we wanted to get back together to keep the conversation going."

After a concussion, some students may be eager to get back on the field. Dr. Patel and the group discussed the necessary steps and evaluations needed to safely return to play, as well as regular classroom activity. A very important part of the students overall care is communication with parents, coaches, and teachers.

The Concussion Specialist group at MMC is one of the many specialties the clinic has to offer. With over 25 departments and more than 70 physicians, Murfreesboro Medical Clinic is a trusted partner in treating an individual's health care needs.

For more information about The Concussion Specialist group, Internal and Family Medicine, or other departments at MMC, please visit or call 615-893-4480.

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