Murfreesboro City Schools and Club MARVEL 2018 at MTSU

Apr 19, 2018 at 06:22 pm by bryan

Murfreesboro elementary students have met on the campus of MTSU as part of Club MARVEL, a collaboration between Middle Tennessee State University and Murfreesboro City Schools. This year, 86 fourth through sixth grade students explored careers in horse science, concrete management, athletics, science and biology on various Saturdays throughout the school year.

"Being on a college campus is not only exciting for our students but it allows them to see far beyond high school," says Greg Lyles, MCS Outreach Coordinator. "MTSU staff members are welcoming to our students and make this a wonderful experience for students."

In its sixth year, the program has not deviated from the original purpose of generating and developing excitement about a college campus, what it offers, and the vision it can create.

MARVEL is an acronym that stands for:

M - Murfreesboro City Schools / Middle Tennessee State University
A- assuring
R - rigor and a
V - vision for the future through the
E- enrichment of
L - learning

Students learned about professional opportunities available in various industries and participated in hands-on learning activities.

With its unique focus on pre-kindergarten through sixth grade learning, Murfreesboro City Schools is creating a vision that embodies the highest levels of collaboration, professionalism, and excellence. The district strives to meet the needs of the whole child and is committed to the personal and academic success of each child within the district.

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