Middlepoint Landfill Working To Stop Odor

May 18, 2019 at 08:31 am by bryan

(MURFREESBORO) If you smell the Middlepoint Landfill, let them know about it.

Republic's Middle Point Landfill team announced progress with its 2019 action plan. So far this year, they have:

  • Installed 32 acres of temporary landfill cap to support the on-site landfill gas collection and control system;
  • Continued expansion and optimization of the landfill gas system, including installation of a new landfill gas flare; and
  • Invested an additional $450k in the on-site leachate pretreatment facility.

As previously reported last year, Republic installed 41 new landfill gas wells and 22 acres of geomembrane capping to support landfill gas collection and control. Additionally, Middle Point invested $2 million to upgrade the leachate facility and installed over 5 miles of leachate collection piping.

Each of these measures is designed to further enhance Middle Point's landfill systems to control odor on-site and minimize the potential for off-site odor. If you detect landfill odor, please contact Middlepoint Landfill at (615) 782-5500.

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