Middle Point Landfill Continues To Ask For Public Input

Mar 28, 2020 at 10:11 am by bryan

(MURFREESBORO) While the COVID-19 public health crisis is disrupting many things in daily life, the Republic staff team at Middle Point Landfill on Jefferson Pike are maintaining normal operation. This includes continued progress on a landfill gas infrastructure and rock mining projects we announced earlier this month.

That process includes:

  • Additional Gas Infrastructure: Extensive rain the past week delayed our ability to complete as much of the project as we had planned. To date, we have completed installation of 50 percent of the gas collection infrastructure, and with a clear forecast ahead, we expect to make accelerated progress on the remaining installation.
  • Landfill Liquids Collection: On Monday, we will begin installation of additional liquids collection infrastructure to support landfill gas collection. This will include adding pumps to existing gas wells and the associated piping to route more landfill liquids to the on-site treatment facility.
  • Additional Odor Controls: We continue to utilize additional odor misters and odor neutralizing vaporizing equipment around the site. In the coming weeks, we expect to begin enhancements on the existing odor control equipment to further control the potential for off-site odor in the future.
  • Rock Mining: As with the gas infrastructure installation, we have experienced delays with rock mining activities due to rain. We have completed approximately 25 percent of the project and expect to resume normal mining operations next week.

Middle Point General Manager Jeremy Jernigan previously requested, "If you detect off-site odor that you think could be attributable to the Landfill, contact us with as many details as possible, such as your location, the date and time, and a description of the odor detected, and we will investigate. We will keep you updated on the progress for each project mentioned above. In the meantime, we hope our neighbors are staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times."

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