BFI Reports Improvements At Middle Point

Jun 21, 2020 at 04:00 pm by bryan

(WALTER HILL, TN) The BFI team at Middle Point Landfill continues gas infrastructure and rock mining projects at the Jefferson Pike landfill.

BFI, which is a part of Republic Services, announced that in mid-May the installation of the perimeter gas pipeline was completed, which will provide coverage over the recently developed 15-acre area in the southeast portion of landfill. This will collect additional landfill gas and send it to the on-site flares, where it is safely destroyed.

Landfill Liquids Collection: In mid-April we completed installation of additional liquids collection infrastructure to support landfill gas collection. This included adding pumps to existing gas wells and the associated piping to remove more liquids from the Landfill.

Middle Point's General Manager Jerry Jernigan reported, "We continue to utilize additional odor misters and odor neutralizing vaporizing equipment around the site. We have also made enhancements to existing odor control equipment to further control the potential for off-site odor in the future."

Rock Mining: In mid-May we completed all of our 2020 rock mining activities and do not anticipate resuming additional rock mining until next year.

Jernigan continued, "As we have previously stated, in the event you detect off-site odor that you think could be attributable to the Landfill, contact us with as many details as possible, such as your location, the date and time, and a description of the odor detected, and we will investigate."

He concluded, "We appreciate your patience with us as we completed these important projects. We remain committed to being a good neighbor and hope you are all safe and healthy!"

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