La Vergne Saving Money

Mar 08, 2012 at 02:50 pm by bryan

Tens of thousands of dollars are being credited to LaVergne by Severn Trent Environmental Services following many cost-saving measures by the private contractor. Severn Trent will credit $22,375.15 back to the city in unspent maintenance fees for fiscal year 2011-12.

“Our operators have been diligent in their efforts to reduce costs for the city,” said Thomas Champagne, chief operator. “The new Board of Mayor and Aldermen have been instrumental in addressing our capital repairs, thereby allowing us to look ahead rather than always having to react to areas of concern. This allows us to work together to always keep public health our top priority.”


For the past four years, costs have exceeded the maintenance budget at the water treatment plant because work was primarily reactive.  A predictive and preventive maintenance software program was established two years ago, but upgraded the past year to better capture needs of individual pieces of equipment.

The software tracks equipment to schedule regular maintenance and predict potential equipment failure.  Severn Trent is then able to prolong the life of equipment at the water treatment plant, as well as anticipate possible breakdowns so equipment can be ordered in advance at a much lower cost than having to replace immediately at a higher expense.

“The city has slated $1.3 million in eventual repairs and upgrades to the water treatment plant,”Champagnecontinued. “This list was separated into two categories. Category A was in-house maintenance that was estimated to cost just over $90,000.  We have been able to actually complete many of those items without further cost to the city and Severn Trent is still returning almost $23,000.”

Category B will address major infrastructure problems, including building repairs, a malfunctioning HVAC unit, and other deterioration not previously addressed.

“We have known for years there have been major concerns at the water treatment plant, but did not know the scope until I took office as mayor” said Senna Mosley. “It is our fiduciary responsibility to preserve our city’s assets whenever possible, so this extra step taken by Severn Trent is commendable.”

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