Hamby Wins Murfreesboro Rotary's "4 Way Test" Speech Competition

Mar 29, 2012 at 06:53 pm by bryan

The Murfreesboro Rotary Club held its "4 Way Test" speech competition Thursday afternoon (3/29/12) at the Boys and Girls Club on Jones Boulevard. The topic was Rotary's "4 Way Test"

And the winner is . . .


Oakland Middle School student Emily Grayson Hamby placed first, and received $100. She will now compete on the district level on April 28th at the AG Expo in Franklin. The topic will again be "Rotary's 4 Way Test", but the winner in that event receives a $1,000 college scholarship. 

Congratulations to Hayden Thomas who placed second and received $75 and Logan Misenis who placed third and won $50. 

Murfreesboro Rotary President Bart Walker complimented all of the students who participated and encouraged them to follow their dreams. 

Members of the Murfreesboro Rotary Club also commend Jorie Cannon, Brooklyn Goolsby, Amber Shelton, and Camille Williams for their hard work and creativity in being a part of the "4 Way Test" speech competition.

Murfreesboro Rotarians Helene Colvin, Mike Gower and Paul Newman served as judges.  

How Did The 4-Way Test Come About? 

What is now known as "Rotary's 4-Way Test" was born out of crisis. In 1932 Herbert J. Taylor penned: "These are the things we think, say and do. (1) Is it the truth, (2) is it fair to all concerned, (3) will it build goodwill and better friendships, and (4) will it be beneficial to all concerned?" This was not originally written for Rotary, but Taylor wrote it in 1932 for his bankrupt Club Aluminum Company. It rallied employees and within five-years Club Aluminum was out of the red and growing strong. 

Taylor went on to become president of the Rotary Club of Chicago in 1939, and international president in 1954. He gave the "4 Way Test" to Rotary International and it was adopted in January, 1943. 

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