Handgun Permit Holders Increasing in Rutherford County

May 15, 2012 at 11:48 am by bryan

The numbers of persons with handgun permits is increasing in Rutherford County. According to “Legally Armed.com,” there are 12,950 people living in Rutherford County with a handgun permit. Those numbers mean that roughly 5% of the overall county population is permitted to carry a concealed  handgun. Of course, the weapon doesn’t have to be concealed if you hold a valid permit.

Rutherford County ranks 5th in the state for having the most persons legally armed. Taking the number 1 spot is Shelby County with 45,495 permit holders. Knox County ranked number 2 on the list, followed by Davidson County and then Hamilton County. The least armed County is Lake County, Tennessee with 289 permit holders.


Overall, there are 350,327 handgun permit holders in Tennessee.

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