K-9 Captures Suspect Monday Afternoon

May 21, 2012 at 10:39 pm by bryan

One driver accused of fleeing from a deputy in a congested school zone was nabbed by K-9 Venture and handler Cpl. David Ashburn Friday afternoon off Northfield Boulevard, sheriff’s deputies reported.

Suspect Christopher B. Parrish, 22, of Haynes Manor Apartments was located why trying to negotiate a woven wire fence, Ashburn reported. Venture, a German shepherd donated by Venture Express, held onto Parrish’s cargo shorts until Detective Troy Hooker and Ashburn detained him.


Parrish was charged with three counts of felony evading arrest, felony reckless endangerment, misdemeanor evading arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

When Ashburn and Venture responded, Sheriff Robert Arnold reported deputies were involved in a high-speed pursuit of Parrish Thursday night on state Route 840 but lost the suspect. The sheriff added Deputy Nigel Kapadia located Parrish Friday afternoon. 

“He again fled Deputy Kapadia in a white Ford Mustang leading him through a congested school zone as children were letting out of school,” Ashburn reported. “Parrish fled the vehicle on foot. Deputy (Michael) Romans and K-9 Ethel were tracking the suspect toward Haynes Manor Apartments and I was called to assist.”

Sheriff Arnold said Ethel and Romans tracked the fleeing Parrish about two or three miles.

Hooker directed Ashburn to a mark near the shoreline of a creek where he believed Parrish crossed a creek. Ashburn directed Venture to a footprint and the K-9 crossed the creek.

“Soon after, he began to air scent indicating the presence of human odor,” Ashburn reported. “A suspect matching the description given leaped from the brush and began to run away from me and K-9.”

Ashburn ordered Parrish to stop and identified himself as a K-9 officer.

“I felt that the suspect had shown he had no intentions of surrendering and had repeatedly endangered his safety, the safety of the public and of deputies by continuing to evade law enforcement,” Ashburn reported. “Due to the circumstances, I released K-9 Venture to apprehend the suspect.”

Venture attached to Parrish’s right ankle but Parrish apparently kicked his leg away. Venture then grabbed Parrish’s cargo shorts and pulled him to the ground, holding Parrish until Ashburn ordered the K-9 to release Parrish.

Parrish suffered a small cut to his ankle and a small scrape on his left thigh but refused medical treatment from Emergency Medical Services paramedics.

The suspect was booked into Rutherford County Adult Detention Center where he is being held on $17,000 bond. A hearing is set June 25 in General Sessions Court.

Sheriff Arnold said the situation showed the need for another bloodhound.

“Both dogs and their partners did an outstanding job,” Sheriff Arnold said.

Sheriff Arnold thanked Murfreesboro Police officers who helped and set up a perimeter for the tracking dogs.

Capt. Jason Mathis, who supervises the K-9 program, said the K-9 team is an invaluable tool to the sheriff’s office. The K-9s and their partners train countless hours and form a strong bond. These officers and their K-9s are on alert 24/7 and are ready in an instant to assist in tracking violent criminals, as well as assisting in finding missing, endangered persons, and missing children.

“We couldn't have this program without the support of our community and for several local business owners such as Dan Wilson, owner of Papa’s Hot Sauce in Murfreesboro, who contributes and supports our program tremendously with donations and supplies and Brad Allen, chief executive officer of Venture Express Inc. in La Vergne who donated the money to purchase K-9 Venture, who helped apprehend this latest suspect,” Mathis said. “We appreciate the continued support of these business owners as well as others who give us continued support.”


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