Break in Murfreesboro Burglary Cases

Jun 28, 2011 at 03:12 pm by bryan

A break in the case of recent home burglaries has been made thanks to a muddy shoe print. Police say they tracked down a man by the name of John Michael Burrell after he allegedly left footprints to a home that was broken into on Kings Highway. Police say they found footprints from the home to his vehicle. Police also say they found a TV in Burrell’s vehicle and a computer that had been left behind in a yard. As a result of the break-ins, Burrell was arrested on aggravated burglary charges and theft. Burrell denied breaking into any homes and will have a chance to tell the judge why his footprints led to the house that got broken into. Burrell will face the judge in General Sessions Court on August the 15th.
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