Do you know someone age 100+?

Jul 06, 2012 at 02:01 pm by bryan

Rutherford Countians age 100+ will be inducted into the new Century Club of Rutherford County at Oaklands Historic House Museum on July 26th at Oakland Historic House Museum. The celebration was created by Family Staffing Solutions. Attendance is limited to the honorees and their families, and to people who are participating in the induction ceremony.

All 7 on record now are females


Kathy Bennett with  the Murfreesboro office of Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. told WGNS News that seven Rutherford County centenarians have been identified for this special recognition: Ms. Mary Chrisman, Ms. Margaret Cook, Ms. Ina Dutton, Ms. Nell Jetton, Ms. Ida Overton, Ms. Dora Rucker and Ms. Mary Soper.  It's interesting that only females have made it to the 100+ point. 

Bennett said they need help in identifying everyone in Rutherford County who is age 100 or more as of 2012.  “We ask for the help of the community in identifying them so that they can be part of the first group inducted into the Century Club of Rutherford County." 

Special Gifts for 100+ residents

During the event, Murfreesboro Mayor Tommy Bragg and Rutherford County Mayor Ernest Burgess will issue a joint proclamation that the last Thursday in the month of July will henceforth always be observed as Century Club of Rutherford County Day to honor the contributions that these citizens.  Each member of the Century Club will receive a copy of the proclamation and other gifts. A special visual presentation is being prepared by the Rutherford County Archives. 

“Our centenarians are living history.  They have witnessed the great events of the past 100 years including World War I, the Great Depression, and World War II.  In their early years, cars were still a novelty and later, they saw a man walk on the moon. Their lives deserve to be celebrated and honored,” said Bennett.

Contact by July 20th 

Please contact Kathy Bennett, Family Staffing Solutions, at 848-6774 or with information regarding Rutherford County residents who are 100 years old.  Deadline to submit information is Friday, July 20.

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