Lightning Bolt Burns Power Line...Electricity Out!

Jul 06, 2012 at 10:01 pm by bryan

While Friday Night Live was giving a charge to the historic square, a few blocks away--Mother Nature was filling the skys with bolts of lighting. 

One of those hit the power line on South Church near Middle Tennessee Boulevard, in front of FirstBank. 


Murfreesboro Electric's Nick Brown was on-the-scene and told WGNS News, "The lighting burned the power cable and caused the breakers at the South Church Street substation to shut the circuit down. 

The three blocks along South Church Street, between Broad and just past Middle Tennessee Boulevard, went dark at 7:52 Friday night. Officers from the Murfreesboro Police Department were dispatched to the intersection of Middle Tennessee and South Church, as the traffic signal was off. As a safety precaution, Murfreesboro Fire and Rescue was also sent to the place where the power line was burned. 

In the midst of the continuing lightning show, at 8:48PM Alan Ayers worked from Murfreesboro Electric's bucket truck and had electricity restored. 

WGNS salutes these fine emergency responders who work as a team to make our community safe. 

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