Residents Want to Unincorporate LaVergne

Jun 28, 2011 at 03:18 pm by bryan

Because of recent unpopular happenings with the Board of Mayor and Aldermen in the City of La Vergne, a group of citizens has started a petition to unincorporate the city of more than 32-thousand. Many citizens are unhappy that taxes have doubled and water and sewer rates have nearly doubled as well in recent months. City Administrator Steve Mayer, who eats breakfast at Tee Gees Restaurant every morning, told a group eating breakfast that sewer and water rates would have to go up 19% in 2012 and then again 25% in 2013.  Stan Glasgow, a local businessman, is spearheading the unincorporation efforts along with a good number of other people. He says the people of La Vergne are having a hard time putting bread and beans on the table.  The city was unincorporated in 1881 after the civil war and only reincorporated in 1972. The county would be the ruling government of the city, which would — along with other towns such as Florence in Rutherford County — have no official government.  According to those running the petition, if Mayor Senna Mosley has not committed a felony, a recount cannot take place.  Alderman Dennis Waldron says there are many who want to get rid of the mayor, but we can’t do just that, so our only option is to unincorporate the city. He adds  he hears people every day that say they voted for her and now wished they hadn’t. Glasgow says that the group will need 33.33% of the registered voters to follow through with this petition.
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