Uncle Dave Macon Day's Leader Thanks Murfreesboro Rotary

Aug 14, 2012 at 03:59 pm by bryan

The 35th annual Uncle Dave Macon Days was on its way to a record turnout, and then the rains hit. Event President Gloria Christy told Murfreesboro Rotary members on Tuesday that in 2010 Friday attendance was in the 8,000 range, a year later over 10,000 and last month Friday's totals busted past 12,000. She said, the heavy rains on Saturday, July 14th, drowned this year's event.

Christy noted the purpose of Uncle Dave Macon Days is much deeper than the event. She said . . .


She invisions a museum that would promote this community's musical heritage, not just in July, but year around.

Christy commented, "Our geographic closeness to Nashville would tie beautifully, and create another reason for tourists to visit Murfreesboro."


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