Landfill to Utilize New Borrow Pit

Sep 13, 2012 at 02:03 pm by bryan

Petitions that circulated the Walter Hill Community that aimed at stopping landowner Richard Reeves from being granted a proposed Temporary Conditional Use Permit for a borrow pit failed. A borrow pit is an area where material (usually soil, gravel or sand) is dug for use at another location. In this case, the borrow pit would be used by officials at the Middle Point Landfill on Jefferson Pike. Dirt would be excavated from the area in question and then used at the landfill.

On Wednesday, Reeves received permission from county officials to excavate clay to be used by the landfill to cover trash. In August. over 60-people signed a petition that was against the land to be used as a borrow pit, citing that the measure would be an eyesore and cause property values to further decline.  


Reeves has agreed to only excavate only 65.2-acres over a 2.5-year period. He is only allowed to excavate 5-acres at a time.  

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