Smyrna: Train vs Pedestrian Fatality

Jun 29, 2020 at 12:09 pm by WGNS

(SMYRNA TN)  Around 9:11PM Saturday (6/27/2020) night, Smyrna Police along with Fire Rescue were dispatched to the railroad tracks where a man had been hit by a CSX freight train. 

Officials with the railroad told NewsRadio WGNS that a northbound CSX train struck an individual on the train tracks near where the Sam Ridley Parkway meets North Lowry street.


There were no injuries to the train crew, but unfortunately the individual who was struck succumbed to his injuries.

CSX appreciates the swift response of local first responders, and the incident is currently under investigation.


The land on which tracks are located is considered separate from municipalities, so the case is being investigated by CSX police. (FYI, see below). NewsRadio WGNS has contacted CSX for more information.



Federal law:  49 U.S. Code § 28101 - Rail police officers

(a) In General.—Under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Transportation, a rail police officer who is directly employed by or contracted by a rail carrier and certified or commissioned as a police officer under the laws of a State may enforce the laws of any jurisdiction in which the rail carrier owns property, to the extent of the authority of a police officer certified or commissioned under the laws of that jurisdiction, to protect.

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