Rutherford County Deputies never know how they affect people’s lives when answering calls

Jul 08, 2020 at 10:14 am by WGNS

Deputy Quentin Snook was mourning the death of a close friend last year, who just lost his life by a heroin overdose.

Dispatchers sent him to a call where he met to a young mother who was addicted to heroin.

Snook shared the story of his friend and encouraged her to enter a drug rehabilitation facility.

He was overwhelmed when he received this message just recently.

The family agreed to allow the Sheriff’s Office to share the message below:

Hello Officer Snook, 17 months ago you were called to a house across from the school for a disturbance.

My daughter was that disturbance. She was addicted to heroin, the same drug that had just robbed you of the life of a friend of yours in the community.

How you reacted/performed your job that night went beyond service of duty. You Sir were compassionate and truly showed care for my daughter.

You told her that if she reported to a facility that her Father and I had already arranged for her to go to and complete that program that you would not press charges.

I/we/she wants you to know that YOU saved her life that night! And the lives of her children!

What you nor any of us knew was that she was pregnant.

She completed her program in Missouri and has moved into her own home in Unionville along with her baby.

My husband and I still retain custody of her 2 and 4 year olds although, we will relinquish them back to her custody when she hits her 2 year clean mark.

She comes and gets the kids and they spend several nights each week together.

What we want you to know is.....You made a difference in several people's lives that night! We all appreciate you! Thank You! And We Thank God For You! Keep that big ole heart and keep the peace.

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