200th Birthday Party for Milton, TN This Saturday

Jul 23, 2020 at 05:49 pm by WGNS

(MILTON, TN)  Milestones are "markers of success" and should be honored and remembered. The Milton community will celebrate its bicentennial this Saturday (7/25/2020) from 10:00AM to 2:00PM, and the public is invited to attend. It's in front of the Hopewell Presbyterian Church. 

In talking with Shirley McKee, we asked her if there had been other 200-year events in the area, and she noted that Hopewell church had its bicentennial four years earlier. 


Shirley said, "It'll be like stepping back into the old south with lots of lemonade, cookies and of reminiscing."

Teresa Davenport writer of the Reminiscing Milton blog will be there and she will have a three-page Milton history timeline to hand out to the first 50 folks who come by. There will also be pictures, newspaper articles and stories to see.

Shirley was very supportive of Teresa's talents in tracing history. 

Here is an excerpt from her blog. It gives the mood you will enjoy if you attend this Saturday's event in Milton. Just take Lascassas Pike (highway 96) toward Milton and look for the yard signs. 

Teresa Davenport writes . . .

Good morning Neighbors:
It's been a while since I've talked to you all, but I'm back today to remind you of a very significant event coming up soon.
If you were a regular here you will remember at one point we talked about Milton in the beginning, but if you're just now hopping on, I will readdress just how Milton came about.
Early on in the 19th Century, a man by the name of Gideon Thompson bought 40 acres which would eventually be known as Milton. The best we know, these 40 acres were located behind where the Hopewell Presbyterian Church sets at this time. Thompson named the road behind the church, Valley Street. Being somewhat of a promoter, Gideon Thompson applied to the legislature of Murfreesboro for authority to lay out lots and streets to form a town within this 40 acres. This authority was given to him in an act passed on July 24th, 1820.
Milton was named for the English poet, John Milton, who was best known for his poem, Paradise Lost.
Mr. Thompson eventually sold his 40 acres to a Thomas Pomell. This transaction was dated December 1921. Mr. Pomell soon after sold his holdings to Benjamin Morgan. Morgan and his brother Harwood began building and selling houses in the town and also made many improvements to the new community.
Harwood Morgan developed what was known then as "New Milton". He laid off lots for homes and also the public square, which exists today. Benjamin Morgan's home was built on Trimble Road and was known as Locust Hill. The Everett Knights would eventually own the home, but much later, Knight descendants would have the old home place demolished. Ricky and Phyllis Knight now live in a brick home built on this same location.
Harwood Morgans home is still standing and is the big 2 story white house located on the North-West side of the Milton square. It would eventually become the home of a Dr. Armstrong and then in 1850 the home of Dr. Bilbro. This home is still owned by Dr. Bilbro's descendants, the Hoopers.
A newspaper article found, dated May 12, 1883, described Milton as being "located in Rutherford Co., and one of the oldest villages in the state". It goes on to say "the lands surrounding it are owned and occupied by a good class of citizens and farmers. The lands are generally rich and level, and in a high state of cultivation".
I can't tell you where Milton ranks in being one of the oldest communities today, I would have to do some investigating, but I can tell you the lands in and around Milton are STILL owned and occupied by a good class of citizens and farmers for sure. In fact there are still residents living in this community that came from some of the original settlers.
Sooooo, all of this to say.......Milton will be celebrating it's Bicentennial on July 24th. Because of the Covid virus, it has halted a lot of celebrations and get togethers this summer, but not wanting this great accomplishment of our community to go by unnoticed, members of Hopewell Presbyterian Church will be set up in the church yard with refreshments and remembrances of days gone by. We will have newspaper articles, a few pictures, and information to share, and I can bet you have things to share too. There will also be a 4 page timeline of the history of Milton to be given to the first 50 people that come by.
You will also see a banner along-side Highway 96 commemorating the Bicentennial in a day or two. This banner was graciously funded by our commissioner, Steve Pearcy. So thanks goes out to Steve for helping us out.
So come on out and join us. Mark you calendar for Saturday, July 25th from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm at the Hopewell Presbyterian Church in the heart of Milton. We would love to see you and reminisce about the Milton of long ago. I know you have stories you would love to share. And as you leave us, wouldn't it be fun to have your picture made by the banner, it's really pretty!!
Hope to see you there!!
Until later.........................



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