Celebration of Fiber connection for the Town of Smyrna

Jul 24, 2020 at 07:30 am by WGNS

United Communications is going to offer fiber in Smyrna!  The Town of Smyrna’s new Internet connection will equal faster service for a large number of homes and businesses in the Rutherford County area.

United Communications and Middle Tennessee Electric, along with the Town of Smyrna are officially ringing in the final installation of “Dark Fiber” on Friday (7/24/2020). An installation timeline for when the service will go from dark to active has not yet been announced.


‍The fiber that is installed is called “Dark fiber.” Such fiber is also known as unlit fiber or black fiber. This is unused optical fiber that has been laid. It is usually used in Telecom and Network Communications, and there are thousands of miles of unused dark fiber cables across the US. The fiber is dark because there are currently no light pulses being transmitted through it. However, that will soon change as the fiber will be used in the near future to better connect the Town of Smyrna in a significant way.

A media release stated, "United Communications is currently providing services in Smyrna.  This partnership provides the Town of Smyrna with a local business alternative to existing communication delivery and enhances the communication delivery for all city services."

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