UPDATE: 68-Years Later, The New Murfreesboro Airport

Aug 06, 2020 at 10:14 am by WGNS

The newly renovated Murfreesboro Airport is a top notch facility and City Councilman Bill Shacklett told WGNS that he is thankful for all of those involved the design and construction of it…

Airport manager Chad Gehrke talks about some of the aircraft he sees on a day to day basis on the local runways…

The original airport terminal was built in 1952 and torn down 67 years later in 2019 to make way for a brand new structure. Now, 68 years later Murfreesboro has a new airport terminal and office that will welcome first time visitors, many of whom are executives thinking about investing in Rutherford County by locating their company within our community.

Airport is Self Supported (from the City of Murfreesboro): 

The Murfreesboro Airport is one of the only general aviation airports in the state of Tennessee that is self-supporting. No city tax dollars are used towards the daily operations of the airport. The revenue generated from leases and fuel sales funds the operations and capital improvement programs.

MTSU at the Airport: 

The airport’s largest tenant is the Aerospace Department of Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). MTSU is one of the airport’s assets as it is one of the top schools for aviation in the nation.

Below: 2018 Video produced by Murfreesboro on the airport project prior to the start of taking down the original structure...

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