Rutherford County Schools Continue to Monitor COVID Cases

Aug 19, 2020 at 07:19 pm by WGNS

WGNS has more news on COVID-19 and the Rutherford County school system.

Rutherford County is currently classified as having a MODERATE spread rate with 2,504 active cases of COVID-19, which is less than one percent of Rutherford County’s population count as of August 14, 2020.

The county schools report they are continuing to monitor the coronavirus spread rate. The rate at which COVID-19 is spread, which can change from day to day, will also play a role in deciding if schools remain open

During a MODERATE rating for COVID-19, Rutherford County Schools will consider closing down buildings if two factors are met. The factors that go into the thought of closing a school or schools are:

• Student Absenteeism Rate 5% above average
• Teacher Absenteeism Rate is 15% or higher
• Increasing Cases over a 14 day period
• 2 or More Active Cases
• Substitute Teacher Fill Rate is 10% below average
• If the Support Staff Absenteeism becomes a problem

Current numbers show that the active rate of cases of COVID-19 are on the decline in Rutherford County. To date, Rutherford County has had 7,179 COVID-19 cases and 61 related deaths. There are 2,398 active cases, as of Wednesday, August 19, 2020.

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