Wheel Tax to build a school Proposed for Cannon County

Aug 24, 2020 at 07:45 am by WGNS

During the last meeting of the Cannon County Commission, commissioners asked the Board of Education members to review and submit a simpler explanation of their wheel tax referendum for the November ballot. 

A revised question for the ballot was approved by the Board and submitted to the Commission.

In a recessed meeting of the Commission last week, the question was amended and returned to the Board of Education for their consideration.

The question to be approved for the ballot is below...

To approve the following Resolution from the Cannon County Commission:

Proposal to the Voters of Cannon County on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020

Shall Resolution be approved which increases the local wheel tax in Cannon County from $ 50.00 to $85.00 for each motor driven vehicle owned by residents of Cannon County, TN and requires the proceeds of the tax to be used for a new school construction and renovation of two existing schools and shall sunset when the debt is paid off.

Voters will have the option of voting either FOR or AGAINST after reading the question.

Both elected bodies are working to make the upcoming deadline for the November ballot.  To miss the window would mean the county will have to conduct a special ballot and a special election can cost the tax payers of Cannon County over twenty-thousand dollars.

Source: Partner Station WBRY

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