Tennessee’s State Capitol the Subject of New Book Published by the Tennessee Department of State

Sep 15, 2020 at 08:56 am by WGNS

Tennessee’s State Capitol is the subject of a new book called Tennessee State Capitol: A Tennessee Treasure, published by the Office of Secretary of State Tre Hargett and created by the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

"This beautiful book tells the story of our grandest state building, the seat of our state government," said Secretary of State Tre Hargett. "It is a building with a fascinating story, and this scholarly book tells that story with beautiful photos that engage readers." 

Tennessee State Capitol: A Tennessee Treasure is a coffee-table style book about Tennessee's most iconic building. Many of the photographs and documents featured came from the collections of the Library and Archives.

Using contemporary and historical photographs, maps, architectural schematics, and more, the author, Dr. Wayne Moore, former Assistant State Archivist, weaves the capitol's story into a compelling narrative. 

“Anyone who has visited the Capitol knows how awe-inspiring it is,” said State Librarian and Archivist Chuck Sherrill. “Reading this book and understanding the history and architectural genius behind what we see makes an even greater impact.”

This book tells the stories of many fascinating characters involved with the Capitol through the years, including William Strickland, a renowned but aging Philadelphia architect who designed the building and is entombed in its stone walls. There are also little-known facts, including copies of original drawings of Civil War-era Nashville and the Capitol from a recently conserved scrapbook compiled by former State Librarian and Archivist Mary Daniel Moore.

For more information about the Tennessee State Library and Archives, visit sos.tn.gov/tsla.
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