NEW Unemployment Claims in TN see Bi-Weekly Downward Trend

Nov 12, 2020 at 11:14 am by WGNS

New COVID-19 related unemployment claims are on a slight increase, after Tennessee saw three weeks of unemployment claims going down.

The latest numbers for the week that closed on November 7, 2020 showed new unemployment claims rang in at 7,221. The previous week that ended on October 31st closed with 6,992 new unemployment filings in Tennessee.

While the state reports numbers weekly, if you look at the picture on a larger scale of every two weeks - it shows a consistent decrease in the number of new unemloyment claims filed in the volunteer state (Graph Above).

Since March 15th, there have been 913,581 jobless claims filed in Tennessee. That number represents filings related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Currently, there are 58,298 approved recipients receiving unemployment benefits in the Volunteer State due to COVID related unemployment. When COVID was at its peak, there were over 325,000 unemployment checks going out in one week, which was the week that ended on May 9th.

In Rutherford County, there are 2,574 residents receiving unemployment benefits due to being out of work because of COVID-19 related illnesses or economic problems caused by the coronavirus.

New Unemployment Filings Bi-Weekly: 

• JULY 19 – AUG 1: 31,151 new unemployment filings
• AUG 2 – AUG 15: 23,842 new unemployment filings
• AUG 16 – AUG 29: 23,033 new unemployment filings
• AUG 30 – SEPT 12: 22,477 new unemployment filings
• SEPT 13 – SEPT 26: 21,115 new unemployment filings
• SEPT 27 – OCT 10: 19,984 new unemployment filings
• OCT 11 – OCT 24: 17,643 new unemployment filings
• OCT 25 – NOV 7: 14,213 new unemployment filings

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