Six Rutherford County Schools Switch to Distance Learning

Dec 03, 2020 at 08:23 am by WGNS News

James Evans with the Rutherford County Schools confirmed more changes due to COVID-19. Now, several more schools are switching to distance-learning only as opposed to in-classroom education.

The latest schools to be added to the growing list are Rockvale Middle and Oakland High. Parents have been notified throughout the day as these changes became necessary.

Currently, there are six schools — out of 49 — that have moved completely to distance learning temporarily to allow time for employees and students to complete their quarantine periods.

Evans also dispelled a rumor that had to do with all schools switching to distance learning between now and Christmas. He stated,  “This is not true. We plan to continue operating schools on a hybrid model — using both distance-learning and in-person classes. We will move a school to all distance-learning for temporary periods, if it becomes necessary because of staff and student quarantines.”

The schools have notified all parents about the new CDC quarantine guidelines that the state announced to school districts. Evans says that these guidelines will allow for shorter quarantines for some, depending on the circumstances.

Schools that are on all distance-learning temporarily:

Dec. 3-4 (reopening Monday, Dec. 7):

• Oakland High School
• Riverdale High School
• Rockvale Middle School
• Rockvale Elementary School
• Lascassas Elementary School

Dec. 3-11 (Reopening Monday, Dec. 14):

• Siegel High School

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