UPDATE: Subject Found Guilty for the Rape of a Child in Murfreesboro

Dec 14, 2020 at 11:22 am by WGNS

UPDATE: 27-Year-old Allan Ashley of Murfreesboro was found guilty for the rape of a child and aggravated sexual battery. Ashely, who last lived at Alder Terrace Apartments on East Main Street, appeared in court this past Friday (12/11/20).

Looking back, Ashley was arrested by police on February 11th. That arrest came after Murfreesboro Detective Tommy Roberts received a referral from the Department of Children Services to investigate a possible child sex abuse case.

During the investigation, the young victim disclosed that she had been molested by Ashley. Detective Roberts wrote in a report, "Mr. Ashley confessed to molesting the little girl. I charged Mr. Ashley with Rape of a Child." Keep in mind, the child is younger than 13.

The former cook at a Murfreesboro area restaurant was sentenced to 16-years in prison. He was ordered to serve 100% of the sentence behind bars as opposed to probation.

*WGNS Previously reported he was sentenced to 8-years, but later confirmed it to be 16-years.

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