Update on WGNS' Jon Dinkins in His COVID-19 Battle

Jan 04, 2021 at 07:00 am by WGNS

Bryan Barrett (left) and Jon Dinkins (right) have been broadcasting together for 25-years. The two are COVID-19 survivors who both had tough battles with the virus.

As many listeners are aware, WGNS' Jon Dinkins has been in a serious battle with COVID-19. Many people have asked for an update on his condition. He was able to join the Wake Up Crew for a brief time this (Monday) morning to talk about what he's been going through:


Jon's battle with COVID-19 began with a positive result on December 7th. After about a week, his condition worsened to the point he was admitted to St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital. He spent 11 days there and was able to get home Christmas Eve.

Jon says he's still on oxygen and working to regain his strength:

Jon will hopefully in a few days be able to rejoin the Wake Up Crew each weekday morning and broadcasting high school sports games. You can hear the complete interview with Bryan and Jon by going to WGNSRadio.com.