Fire Safety with Murfreesboro Chief Mark Foulks

Feb 04, 2021 at 09:06 am by WGNS


Murfreesboro Fire Rescue Chief Mark Foulks talks about the increase in fires, especially those with fatalities. Murfreesboro has had three deaths in a little over a month. He stresses that, due to the chemicals in materials that make-up upholstery, curtains, carpets and structural material in furniture, that structure fires reach the dangerous state much more quickly than in generations past. 

Foulks suggests:

  • Have an "escape plan" and most important a site where all families meet outside.
  • Never go back into a burning home to retrieve photos, jewelry or memories.
  • Close your bedroom doors overnight. In case a fire breaks out, this will reduce its air supply.
  • Have a working fire alarm in every bedroom along with one in another room (perhaps Great-room, hallway--not kitchen).

A grant pays for FIRE ALARMS for each home in Rutherford County. If you live in Murfreesboro limits, phone (615) 893-1422 to request that firefighters install them in your home. Contact them Monday-Friday (8:00AM-4:30PM).  Phone Rutherford County Fire Rescue if you live outside the city: (615) 867-4626.