Surgical Masks Equal Criminals Remaining Anonymous and Blending in More Than Ever

Feb 11, 2021 at 11:45 am by WGNS News

Shoplifting and burglaries are nothing new in Rutherford County, but everyone wearing a mask because of the COVID Pandemic is new, when compared to years past. We asked Murfreesboro Police if the masks equal more crime?


That was Lt. Clayton Williams with the Murfreesboro Police Department.

If the masking of people is not specificlly leading to more crime, is it leading to a higher number of unsolved theft cases? Lt. Williams said...

Crime stories of criminals wearing surgical masks have spiked nationwide, but that can be misleading as masks are required in the majority of communities across the country. However, there is no doubt that criminals are taking advantage of the medical masks because the mask make criminals not only anonymous, but actually fit in when they previously would not.

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