Difference Between Freezing Rain, Sleet & Snow

Feb 14, 2021 at 10:09 am by WGNS

Winter weather can come in many forms. WGNS Weatherology Meteorologist Paul Trambley talks about the differences between freezing rain, sleet and snow and why it forms:


Here are some tips to prepare for a winter storm:

  • Have plenty of candles, matches, flashlights, and batteries. Freestanding flashlights and lanterns are a must. Candles in small bathrooms with the door closed can provide heat, as well as light.

  • Fill all pitchers, bowls, sinks, tubs with water.

  • Have CASH - ATMs will not work, stores cannot take debit/credit cards and banks can only function on a limited basis with no electricity, if the banks even open. Stores will open on a limited basis, only letting in a few shoppers at a time with a time limit and limits on how many products you can purchase.

  • Refrigerators and freezers in garages will hold food longer than ones in the house. As freezer food thaws grill it on outside gas/charcoal grill if possible and/or safe.

  • A weather radio is ESSENTIAL...enough said...you have NO contact with the outside world.

  • IF you have a landline - your cordless phones WILL NOT work - have an "old fashioned" cord phone, as the teens in my family call it-aka a home phone that does not require electricity to work!!

  • Have gas and kerosene containers. Eventually, FEMA brought in kerosene but there were no containers for it.

  • Pharmacies MAY NOT BE OPEN for days. Have a plan for keeping insulin and refrigerated medicines safe. Get ice in coolers if possible - these will be your "refrigerators" until power is restored.

  • Fill cars and gas grill tanks before the storm - this may be the only way to charge your cell phone IF you have service.

  • Food - have high protein, high carb food that is ready to eat. Have paper plates, cutlery, cups. You would be amazed what you can "cook" over gas logs with a little ingenuity:) (And a manual can opener is a MUST!)

  • Disposable pre-moistened washcloths...for obvious reasons...unless you have a gas water heater showers won't be happening:(

  • Clorox wipes - for disinfecting food prep areas and other cleaning needs

  • De-icer for sidewalks/driveways/cars - you will need to get to your cars for several reasons and this can help. Thawing does not begin for DAYS in some instances...

  • Prepare for challenges with outside pets - some will have to be more creative than others with this obstacle.

  • Another challenge that my parents did not face but many family members did was coping with babies and children - overly prepare for what you know you need. My best friend was 8 months pregnant...enough said...

  • Keep a record of losses and storm-related expenses, some of which might be covered by insurance.

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