Deputy Luis Parra Flores

Jan 07, 2013 at 05:15 pm by bryan

Rutherford County Sheriff’s Deputy Luis Parra Flores works with kids in a martial arts program.  He cares about children, and when an 11-year old boy thought someone was breaking into his home—luck would have it that Deputy Flores was sent to the scene. He arrived only to discover that the would-be burglar was an over-zealous door to door salesman who was pounding on doors, beating windows and shouting for someone to answer the door. That person was next door, pounding on the door when the squad car screeched to a stop. Deputy Flores assured the young boy that he was safe and then waited for the child’s father to arrive.  We’re fortunate to have caring Rutherford County Sheriff’s deputies like Luis Parra Flores protecting this community.