Greenhouse Ministries in Murfreesboro is Helping Residents fill out Job Applications

Mar 24, 2021 at 11:47 am by WGNS

As the COVID Pandemic slowly closes and employment once again increases, Greenhouse Ministries continues to help residents apply for a job. For some, the pandemic may have equaled a first time lay-off, making the application process a daunting task.

Cliff Sharp, the founder of the Murfreesboro non-profit, told WGNS NEWS some of the fears that a new job seeker may face; especially if this is their first time to fill out an application in the past 10 or more years…


Greenhouse Ministries offers help on multiple levels that include not only help with job applications, but also food, clothing, adult education and housing applications.

The not-for-profit is located at 309 S Spring St (Murfreesboro, TN 37130). Their phone number is (615) 494-0499. 

Greenhouse Hours

Client Services: Tuesday – Friday: 9:30-3 p.m.
Garden Patch Warehouse: Tuesday – Friday: 9:30-5 p.m., Saturday: 9-12 p.m.
Garden Patch Thrift Shoppe: Tuesday – Friday: 9:30- 5 p.m., Saturday: 9-12 p.m.

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