Murfreesboro Students can be better prepared for Next Year with Summer School

Mar 31, 2021 at 09:36 am by WGNS

COVID-19 changed a lot in the world of education for long-time teachers, due to distant learning. Educators went from full classrooms to empty classrooms and teaching students online.

Trey Duke,  director of the Murfreesboro City Schools stated…


Duke said the benefits of being in school go beyond education. While some children have excelled through Distant Learning, it has led to many students lacking the social interaction that children had prior to the Pandemic.

Because of COVID-19, Summer school is going to be held this year and about 180 educators have signed up to teach, which is normally their time off. The director said that this is a shining example of how dedicated Murfreesboro teachers are to teaching. 

Summer school will be free for Murfreesboro City students and to register your child, you can go to your child’s principal for a paper application or online…

Summer School is a 6-week program with 4-weeks in June, followed by a July 4th break and then 2-more weeks.

Learn More about Summer School in Murfreesboro HERE.   

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