The Magnet Schools of Murfreesboro

Apr 02, 2021 at 07:42 am by WGNS

The first magnet school in America was created in 1968. The specialized school started in Tacoma, Washington with McCarver Elementary School. It was designed to reduce racial isolation by offering high caliber instruction, resources and amenities with an admissions policy based on a system-controlled choice.

Those schools still exist today, but in many communities have a focus on offering the school to a broader sector of students throughout the entire community.

Magnet Schools in Murfreesboro currently focus on STEM, which is an acronym for the study of “Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.” STEM studies have been deemed a presidential priority, because too few college students are pursuing degrees in these fields and there is a high demand of STEM related graduates in the workforce force. Furthermore, businesses and organizations that involve STEM in their day-to-day duties - are in fact higher paying areas of work, if you have the expertise when you enter the job market.   

Murfreesboro Director of Schools Trey Duke said there is a very clear process of how a student can get into a local magnet school…

Duke outlined the magnet schools under the Murfreesboro City School system…

Again, Cason Lane Academy is being transformed into a magnet type school that will have a specialized focus on a study that falls under STEM.

To learn about magnet schools under the Rutherford County School System, click here

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