Over 100,000 COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Administered in Rutherford County, 1-Million Statewide

Apr 02, 2021 at 08:19 am by WGNS

Tennessee has reached a vaccination landmark of one million Tennesseans being fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Approximately 22 percent have received at least one dose.

"We celebrate this milestone and expect to see this number increase as vaccine is more widely available,” said Tennessee Health Commissioner Lisa Piercey, MD, MBA, FAAP. “The hard work and dedication of our local health departments and statewide vaccine partners have helped us reach this significant moment in our fight against COVID-19.”

Current data shows that a little over 100,000 vaccine doses have been administered in Rutherford County, as of April 1, 2021.  Rutherford County has 966 “Active COVID-19 Cases,” as of March 31, 2021. That same date also showed that 105 of the 966 “Active” cases are listed as new.

To date, there have been 40,844 total COVID-19 cases in Rutherford County since the start of the pandemic. There have also been 409 deaths since the start of pandemic in our community.  

Continued Focus on Equity and Underserved Populations

Tennessee is committed to ensure equity in its COVID-19 Vaccination Plan. TDH has been working with community partners, faith leaders, and health care advocates to help empower and inform underserved populations across the state. Over half of Tennesseans over the age of 60 have received their first dose, and nearly two-thirds of those over age 70 have received their first does. Meanwhile, over the past month, Tennessee’s Hispanic population receiving at least one dose has increased from 3.9 percent to 12.9 percent and Tennessee’s Black population receiving at least one dose has increased from 5 percent to 15 percent.

“We are encouraged that Tennessee is increasing uptake particularly among our elderly, minority and underserved populations,” said Piercey. “At this point in the vaccine roll out, we are committed to access for everyone if they choose to receive a vaccine in a health department, a pharmacy, or a provider’s office.”

Highest County Vaccine Administration

The following counties have the highest vaccine administration per 100,000 population in Tennessee. Three of these counties, Unicoi, Hancock, and Madison, are among Tennessee’s 35 counties with highest Social Vulnerability Index values, indicating they may struggle to recover from adversity. These 35 counties are provided additional doses of COVID-19 vaccines, beyond their population-based allocation, so those counties could move through the State’s eligibility phases more quickly and protect their high-risk communities.

Highest Doses Per 100,000 Population: 

Unicoi = 33,186
Trousdale = 32,706
Hancock = 32,122
Moore = 27,194
Madison = 26,312
Marshall = 25,548
Monroe = 25,179
Henry = 24,959
Sullivan = 24,611
Pickett = 24,590

Schedule Your Vaccination Appointment

Find vaccination providers in your area by visiting VaccineFinder.org. Tennessee county health departments across the state currently have appointments available for COVID-19 vaccination. Book an appointment with your county health department at COVID19.tn.gov. Those who need help scheduling a COVID-19 vaccination appointment with their local health department may call the TDH vaccine support line at 866-442-5301. Transportation resources are available when appointments are booked online or via phone.

Vaccine and COVID-19 Information from Rutherford County Government HERE

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