Rail-Lines Between Atlanta and Nashville (Passing Through Murfreesboro) Could Become Reality

Apr 06, 2021 at 09:12 pm by WGNS

Imagine hopping on a train in Murfreesboro to catch an Atlanta Braves Game. Or, jumping on a train in the 'Boro to take in a Titans game in nearby Nashville... Both options could be a reality under President Joe Biden's infrastructure plan, which may include enough funding for a rail line between Nashville and Atlanta.

As of this week, it looks as if the funding package could include $80 billion for rail-lines. If the plan gets the ultimate green-light, Amtrak says they would be on board with the idea of train tracks between Nashville and Atlanta.

In the past, talks of a regular commuter rail-line died between Nashville and Murfreesboro. But, those talks could be on GO for a passenger train system between Nashville and Atlanta, which of course would pass through not only Murfreesboro, but also Chattanooga.

WGNS will continue to follow this developing story.

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