UPDATE: Red Light Cameras in Murfreesboro are a Thing of the Past

May 11, 2021 at 03:34 pm by WGNS


Red light traffic cameras in Murfreesboro are still a topic of interest among local residents, despite them being a thing of the past.

State regulations would not enable the courts to enforce collection of the $50 fines, and when the new high definition cameras were installed 5-years ago, approximately $2.5-million in fines were uncollected. This year, the city council decided to let the contract "fade away."

According to the City of Murfreesboro website, the MPD enforced red light violations at six high volume intersections using the automated enforcement.

Past supporters of the camera system have long suggested the use of the automated devices helped to curb T-Bone collisions, assuming that drivers knew about the photo enforced intersections and feared getting a ticket for running a red light. Of course, the ticket could not be properly enforced - which led to the collection problem. 

When they were in use, the revenue generated by the red-light cameras added up to about one million dollars annually. MPD Lt. Clayton Williams said the largest percentage of the revenue went to the contracted company that installed the camera system - because the city did not pay for the costly equiptment.

Of course it doesn't matter now, because the red-light enforcement cameras are no longer being used in Murfreesboro. 

Lt. Williams highlighted the close of the contract...

In light of the continued controversy, the Murfreesboro City Council elected to let the contract expire during the last week of April 2021.

The six intersections that were automated:

- South Church Street at Middle Tennessee Boulevard;
- Memorial Boulevard at Northfield Boulevard;
- Rutherford Boulevard at Mercury Boulevard;
- Old Fort Parkway at Thompson Lane;
- Broad Street at Church Street; and
- Broad Street at Northfield Boulevard.

Moving on, you can see the “LIVE” video footage from the various traffic cameras located throughout Murfreesboro HERE.



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