UPDATE: Haynes Drive Step Mother Charged with Aggravated Child Abuse after Death of 13-Year-Old to Face Trial

May 24, 2021 at 11:17 am by WGNS

Above Photo: Emily Hart and Location of Death

A woman arrested in Murfreesboro two years after the death of her step-child will appear in court for trial early next year.

Emily M. Hart was arrested after a lengthy investigation into the May 2016 death of 13-year-old Jonathon Hart. Detectives say the child was the oldest of four children who lived in a home that sits at the Haynes Drive / Cabot Court intersection in the Riverview Subdivision.

The suspect in the case shared the home with her husband Christopher Hart, who was the natural father of the deceased child.

Authorities first began investigating the case in 2016 when the fire department responded to a call about an unresponsive 13-year-old boy. Shortly after paramedics arrived, the child died.

During a 2-year investigation, detectives spoke with employees of the Murfreesboro City Schools, employees at Middle Tennessee Christian School, the fire department and local paramedics. However, the case turned cold.

In 2018 new evidence was received by former MPD Detective Tannas Knox along with now retired Detective Tommy Roberts. The new evidence led to the refocusing on the childs’ step mother identified as Emily.

The updated case was presented to a Grand Jury in 2018, which landed Emily Hart behind bars on a charge of Aggravated Child Abuse.

Now, the case is scheduled for a 2022 trial in a Rutherford County Courtroom on January 10th through the 14th.

As for the father of the child, he was also arrested on child abuse charges. However, those charges stemed from another child and not Jonathon.

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