UPDATE: Over 200 New Jobs and Millions of Dollars in Positive Sales Tax Revenue to be Generated by COSTCO, Thanks to Murfreesboro's $2.4-Million Agreement

Jun 09, 2021 at 10:06 am by WGNS

In 2020, the City of Murfreesboro made an arraignment with COSTCO to encourage them to build in Murfreesboro, due to the sales tax revenue that would be generated by the store. The deal initially focused on the company building in the area of The Avenue, which failed to materialize.

Later, Murfreesboro and COSTCO inked a deal that included the city funding a $2.4-million plot of land off of Highway 99. The store was then constructed on a little more than 18-acres next to Highway 99 and near the new Outpost Armory shooting range.

The investment was small for the City of Murfreesboro, considering the 225 new jobs that would be created with average earnings of $49-thousand to $60-thousand annually. Representatives of Murfreesboro suggested it was a no-brainer, once you factor in the sales tax revenue that COSTCO is known for generating.

Murfreesboro Mayor Shane McFarland stated…

The new store will open its doors next month on July 20th.

COSTCO typically sees $200-million in sales annually at its stores, which will equal a positive return on investment for the City of Murfreesboro.

The City will basically lease the land to the company for five years and then transfer ownership of the land to the Rutherford County Industrial Development Board.

The property surrounding the new COSTCO store is ready for growth because the City is in the process of building and expanding the roads leading to the big box retailer. Beasie Road, which is in front of COSTCO and leads to a new RV dealer, will eventually include a bridge that goes over the Murfreesboro Greenway and Stones River. That bridge will connect Beasie Road to Racquet Club Drive near River Rock Boulevard, which is where Old Time Pottery sits next to the Verizon Wireless Call Center. The new bridge should be built and completed by year 2026.

A second bridge will be built after the 2026 bridge is completed. That secondary bridge will lead motorist over Interstate 24 and to Highway 99 on the opposite side of I-24, near the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office and Heritage Farms Dairy.


The NEW COSTCO will officially open for business on July 20th at 8AM. The store is at 1524 Beasie Road in Murfreesboro. The new store will be a full-service location with fuel pumps, travel services and more.

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