Middle Tennessee Electric in Murfreesboro is growing, but what happens in year 2023?

Jun 30, 2021 at 06:47 pm by WGNS

Middle Tennessee Electric continues to grow, which creates the need for more office and customer service space for their Murfreesboro headquarters. That said, you may recall that prior to Middle Tennessee Electric purchasing Murfreesboro Electric in 2020, the utility provider announced plans to build a new headquarter office on Veterans Parkway. But, the TVA halted the idea for a new Middle Tennessee Electric campus, as explained by public information officer Amy Byers...


Middle Tennessee Electric's purchase of the city's electric department came with the temporary use of Murfreesboro's Electric's downtown offices, but only for a short period of time...

When the Walnut Street building is returned to the City of Murfreesboro in 2023, Middle Tennessee Electric will have to create more space for those employees to be on the existing Highway 99 campus...

Middle Tennessee Electric remains in the planning stages of how to expand their existing headquarters on Highway 99. 

WGNS will keep you informed. 

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