Summer Camps with the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro

Jul 05, 2021 at 04:15 pm by WGNS

School in Rutherford County maybe out, but CAMPOLOGY at the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro is in!

The camps at Discovery Center incorporate play and hands-on inquiry-based learning into each and every day. Campers experience STEAM-focused lessons packed with innovative games, projects, and activities, all designed to help kids learn, socialize, and have fun!

Each camp offers an opportunity for exploration of museum exhibits and outdoor play.

Now through Aug. 6th, Campology continues with a long list of activities for local youth.

Camp themes:

- Campology Olympics: Put your skills to the test as we light the torch for the 2021 Campology Olympics! Camper olympians will build their STEAM strengths and participate in different olympic games such as archery, rowing and relays. July 12-16.

- Wetland Planeteers: Captain Planet is coming to visit the Murfree Spring wetlands and needs your help! Can you be an #environmental hero and help save the wetlands? Campers will spend the week learning about different sources of renewable energy and get a chance to explore the wetlands with creek stomps, habitat exploration walks and more. July 19-23.

- Coding Camp - Cyber Ambassador Boot Camp (at Stewarts Creek High School): The primary goal of this camp is to teach students how to think like a cyber-attacker so that they can defend against cyber-attacks. This camp will also lend hands-on experience to their resume/portfolio for those looking to a future in the Cyber field. Grades 9th–12th. July 19-23.

- Mystery Detectives: The clues are all coming together – evidence of summer fun and exploration all point to Campology! Join us at camp as we embark on a mysterious week of sleuthing, puzzle-solving, scavenger hunts and designing our own escape room. July 26-30.

- Once Upon an Animal: “Once upon a time, there was a strong knight, Lord Stanley the ferret. Stanley and his animal pals decided they wanted to go to summer camp…” Animal lovers and story fans, we need you to help us finish this tale! Bring your imagination as we explore fairytale favorites, encounter legendary animals, and create our own epic stories. Aug. 2-6.

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