UPDATE: Shoplifting Incidents Continue to Increase in Murfreesboro and Throughout Middle Tennessee

Jul 13, 2021 at 07:28 am by WGNS

ABOVE: Mugshot of Dereka Conway next to the loot that MPD recovered when she was apprehended at the Stones River Town Centre

Shoplifting continues to grow as our community grows. Murfreesboro Police Lt. Clayton Williams stated…



Rutherford County stores are not the only ones being hit by these shoplifting bandits, they are targeting stores all over Middle Tennessee...


That was MPD Public Information Officer Larry Flowers. He went on to tell WGNS that confronting shoplifters puts the lives of store employees in danger. Flowers highlighted an $11,000 shoplifting case that ended with an arrest due to lost carkeys on June 26, 2021…

The arrest was made at the Stones River Town Centre (previously known as the Stones River Mall) on Old Fort Parkway. 

Flowers told WGNS that you never know how a shoplifter will react when caught, which is why most stores don’t allow their employees to confront a theft suspect and instead, tell employees to call the police. Flowers also said that you never know who is armed with a weapon.  

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