“BACK IN TIME: BACK TO SCHOOL” The Story of the One-Room School House

Jul 29, 2021 at 08:51 am by WGNS

Photo from Shacklett's Photography

Saturday, August 7th from 9-12pm during the Main Street Market in Downtown Murfreesboro, there will be a “Back to School Party”. Shacklett’s Photography will feature a “Back in Time: Back to School” event. Highlights from the Rural Life of Rutherford County series will feature the story of the “One-Room Schoolhouse”. This display will showcase some unique images and artifacts from one-room schoolhouses in Rutherford County.

The story of rural life in Middle Tennessee begins with the farmlands nestled near the bottom of the great bowl known as the Central Basin of Tennessee. Not long after settling here in Rutherford County, hard-working pioneer farmers made educating their children a priority. Learn how that was achieved. Come join the fun. Play Hopscotch and jump rope just like kids long ago.


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