Murfreesboro Mayor recognizes MPD officers Fiddler, Fugate, and Hanson with STARS Award

Jul 30, 2021 at 10:42 am by WGNS

L/R, Officer Casey Fiddler, Officer Justin Fugate, Officer Seth Hanson, STARS Winners, June 2021

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – Murfreesboro Police Officers Justin Fugate, Casey Fiddler, and Seth Hanson were honored July 29, 2021, as STARS award recipients for saving a child’s life.

Mayor Shane McFarland recognized the officers before the regular City Council meeting.   

The following description by Capt. Alan Smith nominated the officers for the STARS award:

“On June 15, 2021, officers responded to Spring Valley Apartments for an EMS assist, where a newborn child was not breathing.  Officers Fugate, Hanson and Fiddler all arrived at the same time and found the child not breathing.  The parents of the child were hysterically screaming and not providing any life-saving measures to save the child.  Officers attempted to provide treatment; however, because of the parent’s hysterical behavior, they kept interfering with the officers.  Officers Hanson and Fiddler were able to get the parents away from the child and once they were out of the way, Officer Fugate immediately picked up the child, rolled him over and gave the child a few stern pats to his back.  At which time, a large amount of baby formula exited the child’s airway.  Officer Fugate then rolled the child over and began CPR, resulting in the child breathing again.  MFRD and EMS arrived on scene and began to further treat the child.  As a result of Officers Fugate, Hanson and Fiddler remaining calm and immediately jumping in and working together as a team during a very stressful situation, they were able to quickly take control of the situation and immediately get to work at providing life-saving measures, resulting in the child’s life being saved.”

Officer Fugate, 30, was hired as an officer in November 2017. Officer Fiddler, 30, was hired as an officer in December 2018 and Officer Hanson, 29, was hired as an officer in November 2019. The officers have previously received letters of recognition or appreciation from supervisors and citizens.

STARS stands for “Succeeding Through Attitudes Reflecting Service Excellence.” They are  examples of representing the City in a positive light, exhibiting the core values, and creating a better quality of life for citizens.     

The STARS Service Excellence program is intended to recognize outstanding employees who embody the city’s standards for service excellence and exemplify the city’s core service values. The purpose of the STARS award is to recognize and reward those employees who go above and beyond their normal job duties in providing outstanding customer service to internal and external customers.

Congratulations to Officers Casey Fiddler, Justin Fugate, and Seth Hanson of the Murfreesboro Police Department for being named recipient of the June 2021 STARS Award for Outstanding Performance. 

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