Record Number of Weapons this Year at Nashville Airport

Aug 04, 2021 at 07:48 am by WGNS

If flying out of Nashville, it’s probably best not to be packing heat. With more, here is WGNS' Ron Jordan...


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Keep in mind, these are guns that were illegally taken into the airport, because there is a right way to travel with firearms. That right way includes checking your firearm with your luggage before entering the TSA Checkpoint.

To travel on a flight with a gun, the firearm must be locked in a hard-sided container. Guns can only be transported as checked baggage and firearms must be properly entered at the ticket counter, before entering any secured checkpoints on the way to your flight. Details Here.

VERBATIM (As Heard in Above Soundbyte) There's a new record at the Nashville International Airport, in regards to guns.  Transportation Security Administration officers found 25 guns at security checkpoints last month.  It's the highest monthly total for BNA.

So far this year, 87 weapons have been discovered at the airport in Nashville. When compared to last year… a total of 94 weapons were found at BNA – that 94-number covers the entire 12-months of year 2020. So this year, with almost 5-full months remaining in 2021, security is only 7 weapons behind last year’s count.


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