COVID-19: Rutherford County Schools to be CLOSED to Students This Friday

Sep 01, 2021 at 03:33 pm by WGNS

All Rutherford County Schools will be CLOSED on Friday, September 3rd. The closure comes as a result of staffing concerns caused by the COVID Pandemic.

Most impacted by COVID-19 right now are workers in the school cafeterias. The transportation department within the county school system is also facing problems due to the pandemic.

Public Information Officer James Evans stated...

Again, all Rutherford County Schools will be closed this Friday (September 6, 2021) and re-open on Tuesday, September 7, 2021. 

Aug. 23-27, 2021


- Total number of positive COVID-19 employee cases reported: 107
- Total number of employee COVID-19 quarantines reported: 306

Aug. 23-27, 2021


- Total number of positive COVID-19 student cases reported: 1,360
- Total Quarantine Average reported for students: 3,680
- Total district enrollment (as of Aug 18): 48,754

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Rutherford County School Closure Details:

The Rutherford County Schools currently have 14 bus drivers who are out for a COVID-related reason, and these drivers cover 38 bus routes, which affect 4,850 students. By Tuesday, 10 of these drivers are scheduled to return. 

In the school cafeterias, the county schools currently have 55 employees out, affecting multiple schools. But on Tuesday, 46 of those employees are scheduled to return. 

The county is using one of their stockpile days to cover the closure. This four-day window that includes Labor Day on Monday (08/06/2021), will also help many students and other employees be able to recover / finish quarantine and then return to school.

The district’s central office will be open Friday, but all schools will be closed. 


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